Sitting Up Session | DeZara
How cute is this little guy?! He was all smiles for us that day, but even when he tossed out a “serious” face, it was still adorable! And we just love it when family members decide to join in on the fun!
08 Jul 2016 in Baby, Family, by
Rory, Allison and Emma | Chicago Family Photographer
We love meeting new families, and this family was no exception!
01 Jul 2016 in Baby, Family, by
Veneruso | Chicago Newborn Photographer
Everyone please meet Giacomo “James” Veneruso! We had the best time photographing him and his family, and we are so sad to see the Veneruso family moving away! They will be missed by the JNP family, but we are so glad we had the chance to photograph their newest addition before they took off!
24 Jun 2016 in Baby, Family, by
Jones | Chicago Newborn Photographer
Welcome to the world sweet baby Onyx! We love seeing families bring us baby number 2 or 3, or even 4! This is baby number 2 for the Jones family. We can’t wait to watch you grow just like we’ve watched big sister Londyn grow!
24 Jun 2016 in Baby, Family, by
Stella’s 100 Day Celebration
Stella is 100 days old! In Asian culture, baby turning 100 days old is a big milestone. The 100 day celebration is important because it represents the wish that the baby will live 100 years. For the first 100 days, mommy and baby typically stay indoors to prevent illness and to get plenty of rest. After 100 days, it is also celebrated as a day to introduce the baby to extended family and friends. We are so happy we got to photograph Stella on this special occasion!
18 May 2016 in Baby, Family, by