Lisa and Alex | Chicago Mommy and Me Photographer
This momma rocked her Mommy and Me session with her adorable five year old, Alex! Mommy’s little boy is growing up!
26 Oct 2016 in Mommy and Me, by
The Masters Girls | Chicago Mommy and Me Photographer
This Mommy and Me session is just too beautiful not to post!! The colors and the outfits are simply amazing! We love our Mommy and Me sessions. We think it is so important for momma to get photos with her babies before they grow up. All you mommas out there – take photos with your babies!
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Barraco | Chicago Baby Photographer
Happy belated birthday Ella! We love you and your mommy so much. Look at those eyes, you are just so precious! We love when momma joins in our sessions, it makes it so much more special!
The Rakestraw Girls | Chicago Mommy & Me Photographer
What a magical Mommy and Me session this was… The love, the magic, the light, the flowers, ALL STUNNING!!! We love the Rakestraw family, and getting the opportunity to create such a beautiful session for them was such a blast for us.
14 Oct 2016 in Mommy and Me, by
A Breastfeeding Story | Chicago Mommy & Me Photographer
There is a special bond between a mother and her baby when she is breastfeeding. It is such a beautiful moment in a mother’s life. It is something only a mother can do. It is her alone time with her precious little one. She can admire her baby’s tiny fingers, sweet eyelashes, little nose. It is a moment that she will forever cherish as her baby grows before her very eyes. Dress by Sew Trendy Accessories.
10 Oct 2016 in Mommy and Me, by