Our Team

Julie Newell

Owner | Photographer Emeritus

My journey to becoming a professional photographer was organic in nature and unveiled itself to me in a most natural way! My first child, my sweet baby girl, Estelle, was born. I so desperately wanted something to remind me of just how little she actually was. I quickly became obsessed with her little fingers and tiny toes, her chubby wrinkles, sweet smiles and that button nose. I quickly picked that camera up and began documenting her life, from her newborn days to her teen years and all the moments in between. Back in those days, I didn’t much know what I was doing, needless to say my newborn photography has come a long way since 2005. I spent the next five years honing my craft and dreaming of a business where I could spend my days with brand new life, doing what I love most!New life inspires me everyday as i nearly lost my own life twelve years ago to Stage 4 Colon Cancer. I am an anomaly, I should not have lived and because of that I strive to live my life to the fullest every single day.  My personal love story began when I met my husband in 2014. We began to make plans, build our life and grow our family right here in Chicago, However, in search of a quieter life and possibly a little slower (HELLO BUSY SEASON) we made the tough but oh so rewarding decision to move our little family to Nashville, TN. For us, it has been the best choice for our family, though I am sad to leave the one I created at JNP and with all of you. Without hesitation or reserve I have left my second home and sanctuary to my best friend and right hand woman, Liz Mehta. I have all the faith and confidence that she will carry on my legacy for years to come.

Liz Mehta

Studio Director|Lead Photographer

Liz Mehta (or Wigoda as some may know her) has been working with children for as long as She can remember, even putting herself through college as a nanny. Having once thought she would be a lawyer, her dreams changed when she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and her life changed forever, Taking the road less traveled led Liz to a career in Pilates as a certified instructor and to this day she remains certified. Finally able to return to school, Liz completed her degree in Eastern European History .With no clear career path, Liz found herself working in a retail maternity shop. This is where it all gets interesting. In 2013 on a total fluke Julie came in to the store…and the rest truly is history. The two became fast friends and Julie poached her away to work as her assistant. Feeling at home to be working with children once again, Liz knew she was exactly where she was always meant to be. It wasn’t long before assisting led to her turn behind the camera. Throughout the years Liz as undergone the most profound physical, personal and professional changes and we couldn’t be more proud of her.  Under Julie’s watchful eye and thorough training, Liz has become the Lead Photographer and Studio Director. She has fallen madly and deeply in love with her career in photography and confident in her ability to be at the helm of Chicago’s top portrait studio. In her free time Liz loves to cook for her new hubby, Ashish. She also continues to stay focused on her physical health, working as a health coach to many, including our post-partum mamas.

Katie Adkins

Studio Manager| Lead Retoucher

Katie found her love for photography from an early age. While in the 7th grade she submitted an image for consideration in a photography contest and won the top honors. Ever since then she has lived and breathed photography. As an award winning high school yearbook photo editor, she honed her craft through a multitude of photography and darkroom classes throughout her teen years, Upon graduation, Katie then took her dream another step and enrolled in Columbia College. Turning that dream in to a reality she graduated with a Bachelors in photography in 2017. Katie then found her home and joined the JNP family in 2018 as lead retoucher and Studio Manager. When not busy making our clients happy and our images shine, Katie loves to spend time outdoors with her loving Fiancé Nicholas and preparing for their wedding 10.10.20

Elizabeth Sharp

Studio Assistant|Associate Retoucher

In high school, Elizabeth got her start in photography when she became her best friend’s photo assistant for the yearbook. Since then, her interest in photography went from her fun hobby to a pursued passion and Elizabeth enrolled at  Columbia College. Though she was very unsure of her future, she felt this would put in her perfect place to explore many creative options. In her early days at Columbia, she decided to move forward with her interest in photography with the goal of making her passion her career. After graduating in 2019 Elizabeth found her next perfect place here at JNP as our photography assistant as well as our associate retoucher. Elizabeth one day hopes to become a full time photographer with us and we are all working toward making that dream come true.

Lucia Myers

Part-Time Studio Assistant

A lover of all things art, Lucia found her passion for photography while on a school trip to China in 2010. She learned how priceless images were and the importance of capturing memories. After returning from her trip, she decided to pursue the world of writing and photography first at Arizona State University followed by the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. While studying, Lucia worked part-time as a nanny and knew that she wanted to continue work- ing with children and families while carrying on with photography; enter Julie Newell Photography. Here at JNP, Lucia does basic retouching and assists with photoshoots, finding joy in being able to help bring special memories into the hands of the families we meet. At home, she is a wife and a mother to two sweet little girls, who now inspires and drives her passion for families and art even more.