Calling all Seniors!! | Chicago Senior Photographer
I wanted to give a big thanks to Katie McFarlan, who has been moonlighting as a model here at the studio!  Thank you so much for being my test senior model and letting us dress you up, pose you every which way, photograph you all day every time you walk through our front door.  My camera just loves you!!  Senior shooting season is right around the corner and we thought it was time to get some more senior practice in.
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Legs Legs Legs | Chicago Boudoir Photographer
Just having a little bit of fun in the studio today.  I’ve been wanting to play around with my camera and photograph a legs session and omigoodness, how gorgeous.  What an amazing way to celebrate yourself…with a beauty boudoir session to forever capture a time in your life when you truly feel beautiful inside and out!  With Valentine’s Day just tomorrow, what a great gift to give your significant other!  I cannot wait for our upcoming beauty session next week!  
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Crave Photography Mentoring | Before and After
I finally took the time to take the Crave mentoring online Photoshop class and learned so many fun new techniques!  As a photographer, I feel it’s always important to learn and grow from people that inspire you.  After going through the class, I was eager to get in this morning to shoot and try out all my new skills.  This class is great for beginners and advanced users.  I highly recommend this to all photographers around.  I learned so many fun and different techniques and actions to use on your photos that make such a world of difference in editing.  Here is my first before and after with the new skill set I learned last night!
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Sweet Mess | Valentine’s Day Fun | Chicago Photographer
Just having a little bit of fun today in the studio, making a sweet little mess.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…have you decided how you’re going to celebrate with your one and only?  Leave some matte pink lips on your honey’s coffee mug so you’re the first thought of his morning.  And of course, Valentine’s Day just isn’t Valentine’s Day without handing out sweethearts to your sweethearts!  Thanks to Angel Food Bakery for providing me with this oh so amazing chocolate butter cream cupcake!  
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Rock the Shot November Photo Challenge | Thankful
Sunday mornings.  Messy hair.  Sunlight splashing across the table.  Slippered feet padding around the kitchen – it is all the little moments spent with my family when I realize how blessed I am to be alive, and know that everything that matters most is right in my very own home.  After having my first baby, I discovered I had stage IV colon cancer and knew I had two choices: become the disease, or fight it and live to see my baby grow.  Five years and another baby later, here I am cancer free and watching my children grow into some of the coolest people I’ve met. Not only am I thankful for the gift of my health, I am thankful for the perspective my battles have given me on what should be taking up the most room in my heart: my family. This perspective has made me into the photographer I am today, because I know just how miraculous each little baby in my studio is, and I have made it my life’s work to capture these precious moments.   This is my seven year old daughter, Estelle, one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  This was a quick, impromptu […]
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