Harvest Blooms and a Newborn Baby Girl | Chicago Newborn Photographer
Fall is ushering and the farmers markets are showing the change in season. I was walking part a market the other day and found these gorgeous blooms. I had to bring them in and photograph them with a beautiful baby girl and this is what came of it. What a lovely little set up, right!
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Isla’s 1st. Birthday Celebration | Balloons Outdoor shoot | Chicago Baby Photographer | Chicago Baby Photographers
Sweet baby Isla, aren’t you so darling. What a wonderful year it has been watching grow up. We can’t wait to see what your years holds for you.
28 Aug 2015 in Baby, by
Newborn Boy Firefighter Fire Hydrant | Chicago Newborn Photographer | Chicago Baby Photographers
Meet baby Dalton. This little fire fighter was a little cutie pie just like his two big brothers! Stay tuned to see their pics with him, they are pretty darn special. Newborn photography posed in baby fire hydrant
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Herbert Mommy and Me | Chicago Mommy and Me Photograher | Millennium Park Chicago IL.
Mommies and their babies, oh my! Having these mommy and me sessions this season have been so special. There is nothing more beautiful than the connection between a mother and her children. Being a mama of three I know these baby stages a so fleeting and before you know they are going away to summer sleep away camp and they aren’t crying, you are. You wonder where the years have gone but if you are this mommy get to go home and enjoy these sweet little pictures to remind you of just how small they were and how good it felt to hold your little one in your arms. Pictures like these never go out of style, never. Enjoy the images. We were at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago on a bustling busy weekday at 5pm and we still managed to make a retreat for your time together. this town is so beautiful and in all it’s glory when the sun sets. We heart Chicago around here big time! Here’s to another beautiful Mommy and Me session. Stay tuned – there are so so so many more to share.
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Lollipop Blog Board Test
My LOLLIPOP kid!! My goodness, I love this child. She is so fun, she is just one of the girls where she goes no matter who the “girls” are, old or young. She brings sheer joy and I am having the time of my life photographing her as she grows up.
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